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Time Trials


Meditations In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa.
Time Trials
The Firstborn of God.
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Time Trails

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  • Publisher:; (January 2001)
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    Take a journey through time in Time Trials, the trials of time. Miriam goes on a spiritual quest where the time threads have been pulled out of the fabric of her days and she discovers the slip stream and the meaning of life. Join her on this journey through time, through space and through South Africa in the months leading up to the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as the first democratically elected President of the country.

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    Molly Martin:- Book Reviews.

    ...."Time Trials" is a lively unorthodox and inceptive tale with extraordinary organization, supposition and concept. Writer Evans endeavors to set forth the notion for keeping in touch with reality when faced with actuality of what is happening to and around us. Evans takes a long hard look at the various of people who have populated Africa over the centuries and weaves a hard hitting tale that pulls few punches...."

    A Reader from Ottowa, Canada:
    A book I'm proud to keep alongside my Tom Robbins collection, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe and Like Water for Chocolate books. This wonderfully whacky and yet thought provoking gem of writing about Miriam's life journey kept me chuckling at newspaper headlines for days after reading it - and when I joined the "oh so serious" human race again, I went back to Time Trials and re-read it. Highly recommended and I can hardly wait for another book from this remarkable author. 

    I liked the conclusion of "Time Trials," based on Marianne Williamson's "A Return to Love."; glorifying our existence as children of God and the author's wanting to share this message with others around her. On various occasions she has also subtly touched on transformation, love, inner spirit, supreme spirit, eternity and meaning of life etc. Her approach to stay in touch with Reality even in the midst of hard cruel happenings is not only enlightening but also reaching the inner being. There is a great message of returning to what we truly are; loving-vibrant-aware people. All of us can benefit from it's underlying essence of freedom that we all cherish and mutual respect for one another. A great message in a short vibrant book.

    Graham Hamer: author of Paperchase.

    "...It's difficult to know where to start with a book like Time Trials, particularly since I seemed to get from it something which other reviewers clearly did not. ...The great strength of Time Trials is that it offers a message of hope. Clearly, different readers get that message from different viewpoints. Maybe that was the way the author intended it. Maybe Gail Evans has the tolerance to leave her book sufficiently ambiguous that the reader can interpret as he or she will. Either way, Time Trials is an excellent narrative of one person's search for truth in a world full of extremes....."

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