Gail Evans.
Meditations In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa.


Meditations In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa.
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A Travelogue for Inner and Outer Journeys
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  • Paperback: 105 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.36 x 9.02 x 6.02
  • Publisher: Writer's Club Press; (October 2001)
  • ISBN: 0595200869

    Book Description:

    A travelogue for outer journeys through Southern Africa and inner journeys of the spirit!

    Explore the splendours of Southern Africa. Visit wide-open vistas, coastlines, deltas, forests and mountain ranges. Journey through space and time where the end of each and every chapter takes you through a meditative unveiling of the seven chakras. Indulge yourself in the wonder of nature!


    Cindy Penn: Word Weaving.

    I have read many sources of information regarding chakras, but Gail Evans provides one of the most useful guides I have yet to encounter. Through the connection of the physical to the spiritual, Evans encourages multidimensional thinking, providing sufficient information for a reader to return to the fabulous little book again and again. Indeed, the author displays a scintillating ability to describe each destination and then tie the physical to the emotional and the spiritual. A remarkable resource, MEDITATIONS IN MY FAVOURITE PLACES IN SOUTHERN AFRICA earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence.

    the boox review

    A purposeful, completely magic, substance-over-style enchantment.

    Toni Fitzgerald for Curled Up With a Good Book

    "... Warning: Do not read Gail Evans' Meditations in my Favorite Places in Southern Africa while watching television, listening to the radio or cooking a five-course meal. Your orange chakras will turn out pink and your meditations will devolve into damage-control sessions..... Even if you're the type who devours a book in one sitting, that's not the approach to take with this work. Evans' meditations are best doled out in chunks, sweet pieces of pineapple to savor and yet not let an OD spike the sugar. Turn off the TV, the radio, the oven and take a few minutes to cleanse the soul. Then get back to cleaning the dishes...."

    Norman Goldman:

    The Best Review &


    Some books are meant to be a one time read and then either discarded or placed on a shelf to gather dust. Others, however, fall into the category of being a faithful companion and friend to be called upon when you need something soothing to help you relax and appreciate Natures soothing attributes. Gail Evans Meditations In My Favourite Places in Southern Africa: A Travelogue For Inner and Outer Journeys falls into the second category and perhaps can be compared to a good wine that you want to continuously savour and never to be forgotten..... It is refreshing to read a book that enables us to forget the many tragedies of the world and to just sit back and enjoy Mother Nature.

    Midwest Book Review

    Gail Evan's Meditations In My Favorite Places In Southern Africa is both a spiritual meditation and a wonderfully panoramic description of the natural beauty of Southern Africa written with a especial appeal for the armchair traveler. Individual chapters bring the reader along with Gail on several grand journeys, enhanced with seven meditations offered to calm the soul and enrich one's spiritual life. Meditations In My Favorite Places In Southern Africa is a unique and wondrous, deftly written and highly accessible Southern African experience.

    Rebecca Brown from Rebecca's author of:

    Standing The Watch: Memories Of A Home Death.

    Gail Evans takes us on seven journeys to places of wonder & beauty in her native Southern Africa, as well as seven inner journeys, to places of healing and consciousness within our everyday living.

    In describing her visits to the Okavango Delta, the Kruger National Park, the Karoo District, the Hogsback hills, the Coastlines, Sterkfontein & Sentinel, this author fills our minds with the fabled sights and animals of Africa, and her passion for exploration.

    In the meditations at the end of each journey, she gifts us with insights into ways to perceive our spiritual adventure and health. By describing and explaining the system of chakras, she teaches us how to meditate and how this practice can bring peace and contentment wherein we find ourselves.

    Gail Evans' writing is ebullient and endearing, technical errors notwithstanding. I, for one, am so glad I have read her MEDITATIONS IN MY FAVOURITE PLACES because now, when I travel, I have a deeper experience of what my eyes see. As I live with the stresses of ordinary life, my heart has been engaged, and I now have lessons on how to maintain the health of my soul.

    Niki Ann Taylor. Book Reviews.

    "....Evans describes ... places vividly with their vegetation and wildlife. There are also black and white pictures ....... but the words speak more than the pictures. After reading this book, it made me think of mountains and waterfalls I have visited, and how I've often underestimated them in their natural beauty. ..... The lesson of the book seems to be that a spiritual connection on a trip is worth far more than dusty Mickey Mouse ears. So maybe this book will teach readers about Africa and how to have better vacations.

    Bruce E. Von Stiers: BVS Reviews:

    " ...Meditations In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa is a vivid, colorful look at some exotic locations in Southern Africa. Gail Evans portrays the images she sees in great detail. The meditations that she provides in the book might serve as the basis for someone wanting to renew themselves in both the physical and spiritual sense... "

    Carl Burnham:

    In our hectic, fast paced world, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the important things in life. Gail Evan's book is written as a serendipity guide, that uses visual images of nature found in Southern Africa, to help you relax and gain a better perspective of the world around you. The author takes you on an engaging tour of the region, offering her inner perspective on living the contented life as well, that is an inspiration to read.

    Ram Varma: author of "This Splendid World Of Yours" & "Be Still and Know..."

    In this evolutionary book Gail Evans has presented the most powerful combination of Nature's captivating beauty with inner, spiritual awakening.

    The reader is absorbed by scenes of Southern Africa's grandeur, while at the same time a spontaneous internalization awakens the inner spirit lying dormant within us. Her meditation of the seven chakras is effortlessly stimulated by the presentation of Southern Africa's world renowned scenery.

    Gail Evans has achieved a unique and superb combination, renewing and rejuvenating the reader externally and internally. This book will help you to relax, enjoy and become one with Nature as well as your Inner-self. Highly recommended.

    Nathaniel Lott

    In 'Meditations' Gail Evans has writen a beautiful little book. A master of descriptive language she paints word pictures of some of southern Africa's most popular sites; word pictures that come alive on the pages. She devotes a chapter to each site and follows it with a meditaion. Combining the two provides the reader with a unique spiritual experience. Thank you, Gail....

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