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Spirituality/ Religion/ Esoteric Links.
Book Clubs, Book Festivals... and more!Web Sites For Book Lovers and... Authors!

***A Question of Truth: is there truth in the Bible? This site is devoted to questioning the truth of the bible. Information about recommended books to read and links to other sites.

***Alpha Power

***Amber's Crystal Healing and Alternative HealthCrystal healing&alternative health:pages about crystal healing,energizing by crystal healing,usage of crystal healing in alternative health,alternative health&chakren,methods of alternative health

***ATOM Ancient Teachings Of The Masters. Darwin Gross.

***AURA-SOMA Colour Therapy. A non-intrusive, self selective soul development system.

***BeliefNet. Beliefnet is an unbiased source for spiritual & religious information.

***The Bella Vita Centre A centre of empowerment, reconnecting with your Higher Self.

***Beyond the Rainbow: Resources for Well-being/Gifts with Spirit. Extensive information about crystals, essences, Reiki, and more, and a wide selection of crystals, fountains, essences, and jewelry.

***Body Alignment Technique. and Vortex Technology.

***Body & Mind. The Definitive Alternative Health Directory.

***The Body Soul & Spirit Expo-Canada's Holistic and Spiritual Lifestyle Expo: Exhibitions & Conferences in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, International online "search engine style" directory of products, services, practitioners and resourses for Holistic & Spiritual Life, Calendar of Events, Workshops, Seminars, and Classes, and much more!

*** presents regional/national/international directories dedicated to the Healing Arts and to Artists. The Healing Arts directories consist of a wide range of Healing and Holistic Services and Natural Products. The Artists directories include Visual Arts, Crafts, Music, Written Word and Artist Services.

***Carine Rudman. Intuitive counseling, dream interpretation, online dream dictionary and spiritual growth. This site is dedicated to assisting you in connecting you with your core essence, your Godself, your soul, and through this, overcoming that which stands between you and manifesting your dreams.

***Circles of Light. Astrology Alchemy Metaphysics. Weekly Internet Magazine.

***ConsciousNET. ConsciousNet is dedicated to mind-body-spirit information, services and products. Topics covered are personal growth, health and healing, meditation, yoga, the new age, spiritual teachings, communities, environmental awareness, ect.

***Creations-Art of a New Age.

***Crystal Healers' International

***Crystal Links A comprehensive site covering an inexhaustible number of topics dedicated to linkg physical and metaphysical realities.

***Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library. Resources for the study of women and their historic roles.


***Elandor. Centre for Spiritual Healing.

***Energetic Arts Directory.

***Energy Dynamics and Meditative Art.

***Fearless Books. A daring new spirit in publishing.

***Global Psychics. Your Metaphysics Mega Site.

***The Goblin's Cove. A Magical Experience.

***God ServerSearch over 69474 alternative health and spiritual web sites

***Heal South Africa.

***Health Shaman.comWelcome to Health - products and services designed to help you in your quest for alternative - holistic - and Chinese therapies and resources for the body mind and spirit.

*** ServerKnow, Heal, Be Thyself.

***Hemi-Sync. Developed by the Monroe Institute.

***The Herbal Factory. All Products Are Not Created Equal.

***In Light Times. Linking the World in Light.

***Inspiration2go. Our line of training programs, digital books, articles, e-newsletter and personal counseling have empowered over twenty thousand individuals since 1989, assisting them in living more joyful, fulfilling, free and inspiring personal and professional lives.

***Karen Elaine. Use Astology to Explore Your Potential and give you permission to be yourself!

***3.2 years Life Cycles in Time and Synchronicity Coincidences: Insight in your course of life through life cycles and repetitive coincidences.

***Lionel Berman and Colleen-Joy Page. Guided Meditations.

***Louise L. Hay. Workshops & Teacher Training. Presented by Annette Du Toit. Go within or go without.

***Lisa Fromsdorf. Ayurvedic Consultant.

***Luminaria Productions. Luminaria and those individuals it represents offer White Light energy in the traditions of the ancient work of the White Temple. Our spiritual knowing comes from a deep abiding acceptance of truth as presented to us from spiritual writings, intuitive experiences and channeled messages. Our work is a prophetic ministry. We invite you to experience the work of Luminaria and The Universal Church Of Christian Spiritualism.

***Magical Journey. Authentic Sacred Tours.

***Namaste Magazine Heal Your Body-Inspire Your Mind-Free Your Spirit.

***Natural Health The South African Network.

***Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Energy Re-Sourcing.

***Point of A journey to enlighten your mind, body, soul, wealth, and happiness.

***Project X. The search for the Chosen Ones.

***Quantum-RealityConsciousness.-The reference pages for the hypothesis first introduced by the founders of the 2knowY Organisation in the publication 'Life's Secrets Revealed'.

***Quanyin Spirit Garden and Third Eye Images. May all peoples of the planet Earth know that all things are connected in all ways, always..and that peace is the ONLY way.

***Reiki. Healing body and soul.

***Religion and Spirituality Discussion Boards.

***Religion Quest. "Everything on religion." Offers information on all aspects of religion and spirituality.

***Religious Tolerance.You, and I, and everyone else have two options: Religious tolerance --accept the right of other people to freely follow religions that are strange to us, without hindrance, or... To continue living in a world saturated with religious intolerance. We will then experienced more religiously-based wars....
It's your decision to make. What kind of a world do you want you and your children to live in?

***RunemagicIf you are keen to have the runes answer a specific question within minutes, then go to Rune Reading . This site also has tables of correspondences for the budding rune shaman at Symbolism. You will find details on rune-sets and accessories in my catalogue.

***Sacredrose.Site Directory.

*** Definitive Guide to Personal Growth, Self Improvement and Self-Help.

*** Shamanic healing light center - The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge.

***SoulHealer - Helping people to rediscover their wholeness.

***SoJoNet. Sojourners is a progressive Christian commentary on faith, politics and culture which seeks to build a movement of spirituality and social change.

*** An independent/alternative Web portal indexing sites from the New Age, paga & alternative communities. Also featured: news, Earth changes updates, lots of original content.

***The Spirit Search Directory. The Spiritual, Metaphysical and Paranormal Directory for the Age of Enlightenment.

***Spirit Web. A comprehensive Web site promoting alternative spiritual consciousness.

***Spirituality and Health. Offers resources for growth and self-knowledge and a place to dialogue with others.

***Spiritual World From resturants to products, holistic centres to retreats, complementary health to books.

***Steady Discount Nutritional Products - A Complete Alternative Health Resource Center

***Stepping Stones In Light Magazine

***Stepping Stones ...on the path to light


***The AvatarŪ Course.

***The Dream Emporium. An introductory dream site that focuses on helping you to understand and interpret your own dreams.

***The Cosmic Times. Contribute your thoughts. Share ideas. Topic's include UFO's, the Spiritual Realm, Angels, Any and all Religions, Psychic Phenom and Channeling. Everyone is welcome!!

***The Lilith Institute. An educational organization devoted to teaching women's spirituality and theology, empowering women and offering them transformational tools through increasing awareness of the Sacred Feminine.

***Tools for Transformation. Contains the on-line book Transforming the Mind and extensive resources to assist with the transformation of your body, mind and spirit.

***Thunder Vision Records Music for- Healing- Knowledge- Empowerment

*** Quantum-Reality Consciousness... answers your Life-Problems through 2knowY Organisations, publications, 'Life's Secrets Revealed', Discussion Forums, Metaphysical Workshops and Personal Counselling 2knowY Organisation...

***Virtual Religion Index. Designed to advance research in matters of religion.

***White Light White Light Communications specializes in the art of personal spiritual communications.

***Wholistic Health A complementary health directory advertising doctors, therapists, facilitators, health centres, resturants, stores and pharmacies.

***World Goodwill

***World Transformation "THe purpose of life is a life of purpose." - Robert Byrne.

***Yoga Fit Sivaya Yoga Studio. Pretoria. South Africa.

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