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Time Trials

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    There are two or rather three philosophies on time. The first philosophy is based on a linear module of progressive thinking where advance is made through three steps: a beginning, a middle and an end. In other words, the whole universe, after reaching it's full potential, will eventually go up in a puff of smoke, a heat . Or, on a more personal level ...... you are born, you live, you die - full stop. This is of course a straight stripe and a very masculine, left brain way of looking at things.

    The second philosophy on time is known as the Eternal return in which everything comes back to its original position in a never ending circle. In other words, the universe creates and destroys itself eternally and all that has happened has already happened and will happen again. We have already accomplished all that it's possible to accomplish and we just go around and around repeating the seasons of existence without an end in sight. This is of course, the ourobous and a very feminine, right brain way of looking at things.

    The third philosophy on time is based on the spiral, a structure adopted by galaxies, deoxyribonucleic acid (a double spiral or double helix) and bacteria, the oldest life forms on earth. The spiral is composed of a beginning, a middle and an end of a circle which then transforms itself into another circle. This is of course, both a masculine and a feminine way of looking at things utilising both left and right brain abilities. Unlike the former theories, the third option has neither a final ending nor is it a senseless repetition, but constant growth and movement, constant development and change in which all stages or circles in the cosmic spiral of evolution exist simultaneously with all others.

    Physicists are of the opinion that mathematical formula proves, theoretically that is, that it is possible to move from one time frame to another, from one age in human history to another, to enter a parallel universe. They believe that one day we will be able to go back into our past, or take a peek into our future. In other words, jump from one ring on the spiral of our time frame continuum, time being the fourth dimension, to another ring on the spiral of our time frame continuum. The mechanism that will enable us to move from one time frame to another is called a CTC,a "Closed Timelike Curve."

    Should we discover a "Closed Timelike Curve," we could drop in at any stage in human evolution. Let's not say "up" or "down" because that implies a hierarchal structure within an aristocratic paradigm. Let's rather say a synchronistic existence where any point along the evolutionary scale can exist at the same time as any other, as a circle among many circles in the spiral.

    As with all discoveries, such a dynamite, atomic power and genetic engineering, a new ethic or a new law to ensure that such a discovery is not misused would become necessary. Perhaps the most important lesson or ethic that time travel would entail would be a universal principle based on the precept that each and every "time frame" in existence is just as valid, just as precious and has just as much merit as any other and should not be indiscriminately tampered with. In other words, a true democracy.

    But then again.... should this principle only apply to time travel? Or could it apply to space travel as well? If there are other "thinking" life forms throughout the universe, then we would have to consider that they might not necessarily be on the same ring in the evolutionary spiral as ourselves. They could fall anywhere along the evolutionary scale. Either experiencing what we have already gone through or what we will become in the future. This would mean that the new law or ethic would again apply.

    But then again....should this principle only apply to space travel? Or could it apply to planet earth itself? And if it did, wouldn't this mean that the new law or ethic would again apply?

    From The Introduction of : Time Trials by Gail Evans. (copyright 2000)

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