Gail Evans.


Meditations In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa.
Time Trials
The Firstborn of God.
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A Travelogue For Inner And Outer Journeys!

Fil Van Den Bos: Graphic Artist

Copyright 2001


Highly Recommended!

In this evolutionary book Gail Evans has presented the most powerful combination of Nature's captivating beauty with inner, spiritual awakening.

The reader is absorbed by scenes of Southern Africa's grandeur, while at the same time a spontaneous internalization awakens the inner spirit lying dormant within us. Her meditation of the seven chakras is effortlessly stimulated by the presentation of Southern Africa's world renowned scenery.

Gail Evans has achieved a unique and superb combination, renewing and rejuvenating the reader externally and internally. This book will help you to relax, enjoy and become one with Nature as well as your Inner-self. Highly recommended.

Ram Varma. Meditation facilitator and author of "This Splendid World of Yours," and "Be Still and Know..."


Photographer: Chris Reilly


"....... Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Gail has achieved a powerful and wonderful combination in each and every chapter between the major tourist sites in Southern Africa coupled with delightful and insightful meditations of the seven chakras at the end of each of the seven chapters. They are all unique and quite exquisite!

Melanie Wicks. Hotel Administration & Yoga Practitioner.

"....Evans describes ... places vividly with their vegetation and wildlife. There are also black and white pictures ....... but the words speak more than the pictures. After reading this book, it made me think of mountains and waterfalls I have visited, and how I've often underestimated them in their natural beauty. ..... The lesson of the book seems to be that a spiritual connection on a trip is worth far more than dusty Mickey Mouse ears. So maybe this book will teach readers about Africa and how to have better vacations.

Niki Ann Taylor. Book Reviews.


Photographer: Richard Wilson

Come travel with Gail!

"This book will make you think about life, your soul, who and what you are and much more. Ever wondered whether and why there is a God, what he does and where he comes from?

Hey, life is too short for humans to walk around with so many unanswered questions. Come and travel with Gail Evans and forget about the rat race while she explores the wonders and beauty of whoever you believe made the stuff around us!

I don't know all those answers either, but Gail has found some wonderful places where one can do a whole lot of thinking. She will off course give you a penny for her thoughts ... But then again, it is not about her.


Photographer: Nico Conradie

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